Culture Covid19 Statement UN endorsed and side event invitation

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Culture has a vital role both in the immediate response to COVID-19, and in planning for long-term sustainable development. 

This  fact  is  at  the  heart  of  the  statement  by  members  of  the  #Culture2030Goal Coalition on Culture and #CultureCovid19 launched by a webinar on 21 May.

With the  endorsement  of  this  statement  by  His  Excellency  Mr  Tijjani  Muhammad-Bande,  President  of  the  74th  UN  General  Assembly,  there  is a  clear  recognition  at  the  highest  levels  of the need to give culture a more central role in decision-making, now and into the Decade of Action.

Join the campaign  to  mainstream culture- with all its manifestations including cultural heritage, diversity, rights, arts, music, libraries, knowledge, and local government cultural and help spread the word widely!

Join the online side event entitled: "Culture: An Accelerator Under-Used?” that is part of the official programme of the UN High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), on 13 July 2020, 12-13:30pm NYC time. Register to the side event


Read more:

- Endorsement letter on UNPGA website
- UNPGA tweet:
- Press release on Culture2030 Goal campaign website [PDF]

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